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About swarthmore town center, Inc.

Swarthmore Town Center, Inc. is a non-profit whose purpose is to promote and plan educational, cultural, or charitable community events within the town center and physically enhance the business district through these events.  The organization seeks to strengthen community; promote the downtown as an exciting place to live, shop and invest; improve the appearance of and access to the downtown; and to receive, administer and distribute funds in connection with any activities related to the above purposes.   

The organization is managed by a part-time coordinator and board of directors: 
Sharon Mester, President
Greg Brown, Swarthmore College Representative  & Vice President

John Leubecker, Treasurer

Mary Kadlec, Secretary

Anthony Coschignano

Shannon Elliott

Paul Feldmayer

Susanna Hooper

Anita Barrett, Coordinator
Patrick Francher, Swarthmore Farmers Market Liaison
Sarah Graden, Borough Council Liaison